Who We Fund

Since the first grants of IOLTA funds were awarded in 1985, the Utah Bar Foundation has awarded over $5 million for charitable, law-related purposes. The existence of IOLTA has allowed us to make progress in meeting the needs of the poor and disabled for civil legal services through funding of projects. The foundation has also funded projects to improve the administration of justice and to provide law-related education for the public.

Grant Recipients

Legal Aid Society

Utah Legal Services

Law Related Education

DNA - People's Legal Services

Utah Dispute Resolution

Catholic Community Services

"And Justice For All"/SUCLC

Holy Cross Ministries

Rocky Mountain Innocence

Disability Law Center

VOA/Homeless Youth Legal Clinic

International Rescue Committee

Immigrant Legal Services

Total Grant Payments for 2017


IOLTA Grant Guidelines

If your 501(c)3 nonprofit agency complies with one of the four categories mentioned above and you would like to apply for a grant, please contact the Foundation.