IOLTA Process

Annual IOLTA Compliance

If you do not handle client funds and have no client trust account (i.e. you are a Judge, law professor, corporate counsel, inactive status, government attorney, retired, etc.) or if your client trust account is located outside the State of Utah and you therefore do not have a Utah IOLTA Client Trust Account, please know that you are exempt from having a Utah IOLTA account but must still certify your Utah IOLTA compliance annually.

Attorneys must certify annually that they are in compliance with the IOLTA program. You only need to have an IOLTA account if you handle client funds – but you must certify your compliance annually (even if you do not have an account). The easiest way to do this is to complete the IOLTA Certification Section of your Utah State Bar Licensing Form.

How to open a new IOLTA Account

Step 1

Check our list of Eligible Financial Institutions to ensure that your financial institution offers IOLTA accounts.

Step 2

Print out the pdfNotice to Financial Institutions Form and take it with you.

Step 3

Go to your financial institution and let them know you want to open an "IOLTA attorney client trust account." They will need your business Federal Tax ID number and the Notice to Financial Institutions Form. They will be able to help you from there.

Step 4

Contact the Foundation at 801-297-7046 or if you have any problems or questions.